Fall In With A Good Read

Fall In With A Good Read

Had it up to here with the Iron Chefs of the food universe? Nick Rabar describes a very different planet in his novel The Cold Side of the Grill (self-published via Amazon, July 2013). Chef/owner of Avenue N American Kitchen and Avenue N Pantry in Rumford, Rabar tells the story of Jack Cahill, a smalltown guy with a love of cooking. His passion takes him from dishwasher in a local eatery all the way to the Culinary Institute of America—and then on to multi-star venues in Boston and New York.

Jack’s success turns out to be more than he can handle—but he is rescued by the love of a good woman. The novel’s recognizably human characters deal with life and the multiple challenges of the food world as best they can. Some do it better than others. In the back of the house clashes of big money, big egos and big ambition are both convincing and tantalizing. If you love good food and a good story, Rabar’s tale should grab you at the first course. -John Schenck

- By edible RHODY -

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